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Centile Psychological Assessments is an innovative pyschological testing and distribution company run and managed by licensed and experienced psychologist with years of experience in the field of psychological testing, assessment, diagnosis, therapy, research and human organization management.

Our vision is to further upgrade and professionalize the psychological testing services in the Philippines by providing up to date readily available psychological test for use in all types of industries.

Services Offered:

Pyschological Test Distributionship:

Centile Assessments boost an array of new and classical psychological test on sale for use in all kinds of industries. Whether for use in research, educational setting, work related, clinical, forensic, and pyschipathological diagnosis, the company guaranteed relieable and accurate from our assessments at a reasonable price.

Individuals or groups can get access depending on their qualifications and experiences an assortment of different kinds of psychological test of their assessment purposes. Being psychologist ourselves, we are ready to provide you with technical support, test training and after sales service. As our clientele, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Customers can easily avail on special discounts, freebies and packages on any test purchases.

Psychological Testing Services:

Industries and institutions with limited resources can avail of Centile Psychological Testing services in assessing their clients, company workforce, students and other related personnel. Testing packages can be adapted in line with the customer’s needs and the targeted clientele.

Whether a single individual or an entire company or school to be tested, Centile Psychological Testing services can readily accommodate its customers with personal service of our in house psychologist. our goal: PROVIDE CUSTOMERS IMMEDIATE RESULTS OF THEIR ASSESSMENTS AT THE SOONEST POSSIBLE TIME.

Computer Based Testing Services:

First of its kind in the industry of psychological testing in the Philippines, CENTILE ASSESSMENT CAN TAILOR MADE ANY KIND OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING SERVICES UTILIZING VARIOUS COMPUTER BASED INFRASTRUCTURE TO SUIT THE NEED OF ANY CLIENTELE WELL WITHIN THEIR BUDGET. A much more cost effective alternative wherein there are many individuals to be tested and expeditions of results are of primary importance.

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