Dimensions of Self-Concept, Form W (DOSC-W)

Forms: Standard

Range: Adult

Length: 90 items

Norms: Adult

Administration Time: 15-35 minutes. Total administration time should not exceed 55 minutes.

Self-Concept Diagnostic for Workers in Business and Industry

The Dimensions of Self-Concept, Form W (DOSC-W) was created to extend self-concept assessment to the adult worker. This form of the instrument includes the scales from the original versions as well as an additional scale to assess job stress.

Assess self-esteem in employed adults

Promote self-awareness

Help individuals improve job performance

The DOSC-W Scales:

  1. Level of Aspiration
  2. Anxiety
  3. Job Interest and Satisfaction
  4. Leadership and Initiative
  5. Identification vs. Alienation
  6. Level of Job Stress