Draw A Person: Screening Procedure for Emotional Disturbance (DAP:SPED)

Author(s): Jack A. Naglieri, Timothy J. McNeish, Achilles N. Bardos

Administration: 15 minutes; individual or group administration
Ages / Grades: 6 through 17 years
Norms: Standard Scores by sex, Percentile Ranks, and Confidence Intervals for three age groups

Identify emotional or behavioral disorders in just 15 minutes with Draw A Person:SPED. With proven reliability, Draw A Person: SPED is a nonverbal, nonthreatening screening measure for identifying these disorders in children and adolescents.

Proven Reliability
The test is a highly reliable projective technique. Its scoring system shows excellent inter-rater and intrarater reliability, as well as test-retest reliability.

Representative Norms
The test was standardized on a sample of 2,260 students representative of the U.S. population in terms of age, sex, geographic region, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

The Draw A Person: SPED scoring system is composed of two types of criteria, or items. With the first type, eight dimensions of each drawing are scored; a separate template for each age group is provided. With the second type of criteria, each drawing is rated according to 47 specific items.

Cutoff scores are divided into three categories: additional assessment is not indicated; additional assessment is indicated; and additional assessment is strongly indicated.