Management Development Questionnaire (MDQ)

Authors: Cameron,A

Duration: Untimed (approx 25 minutes)

Languages: English

Suitable For: Managers and leaders.

Used For: Management Assessment.

Quick Overview

The MDQ is an inventory of management competencies, based on a concept model, which examines 20 key competencies most often encountered in management and work-place settings. It examines 20 competency dimensions across five broad domains:

  • Managing Change
    • Initiative – Shows Initiative, has positive attitude, self-starter.
    • Risk Taking – Takes risks, challenges accepted practice bends rules to make progress.
    • Innovation – Originates change, makes things better, produces creative ideas and solutions.
    • Flexibility/Adaptability – Adapts quickly to change, responds flexible to people and situations.

  • Planning and Organizing
    • Analytical thinking – Analyses situations carefully, makes rational judgements and logical decisions.
    • Decision Making – Decides quickly, displays confidence, acts independently when necessary.
    • Planning – Plans and prioritises work activities, manages time efficiently.
    • Quality Focus – Takes Price in Work, Does Job well, gets the detail correct

  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Oral Communication – Expresses views clearly, makes impact with presentations.
    • Sensitivity – Sensitive to people`s needs, involves people in plans and decisions.
    • Relationships – Develops strong working relationships, builds rapport quickly.
    • Teamwork – Strong team player, works effectively with people.

  • Results Orientation
    • Achievement – Self-motivated, driven to get ahead, prepared to do whatever it takes.
    • Customer Focus – Applies customer concepts, focuses on quality and service.
    • Business Awareness – Focuses on bottom line, controls costs, sets ambitious targets.
    • Learning Orientation – Exploits opportunities for self-development, energetic, self aware.
  • Leadership

    • Authority/Presence – Has presence and authority, enjoys being in charge, takes lead.
    • Motivating Others – Empowers and motivates team members, delegates tasks effectively.
    • Developing People – Coaches and develops team, gives regular feedback
    • Resilience – Handles pressure and stress, stays calm and in control.