Manchester Personality Questionnaire 14.2 (MPQ)

The MPQ was developed to provide an occupational test, which focuses on traits relevant to creative and innovative behavior. The MPQ provides an assessment of personality based on occupationally relevant personality factors. It can be used in two ways: First, it can be used as part of a selection battery for predicting job performance provided that the personality predictors have been established from job analysis and validation research. Second, the MPQ can be used as an enabling tool to help explore candidate suitability.

MPQ personality dimensions are based on a factor model of personality that is both the personality scales and the Big Five factors. The primary factors are: Originality, Rule Consciousness, Openness to change, Assertiveness, Social Confidence, Empathy, Communicativeness, Competitiveness, Conscientiousness, Independence, Rationality, Decisiveness, Perfectionism, and Apprehension. The Big Five Factors are: Creativity, Agreeableness, Achievement, Extroversion and Resilience.

Factors Low Score Description High Score Description
Originality Implements ideas and changes Originates Action, Invents
Rule consciousness Keeps to rules, reduces risk Challenges assumptions, takes risk
Openness to change Practical, grounded, task oriented Imaginative, change oriented, experimental
Assertiveness Holds back ideas, gives way to others Assertive, persuasive, convincing
Social confidence Less comfortable in social situation Fits in quickly interacts effectively
Empathy Individualistic, self-reliant Supportive, sensitive, considerate
Communicativeness Reserved, quiet, distant from people Communicative, open, expressive
Independence Sociable, group oriented Self-contained, works well alone
Rationality Intuitive, spontaneous Logical, reflective, systematic
Competitiveness Accommodating, less committed to career Committed to career, contesting
Conscientiousness Radical, challenging, expedient Conscientious, preserving
Perfectionism Less methodical, less detail oriented Quality driven, detail oriented, methodical
Decisiveness Cautious, slower to take initiative Decisive, controlling
Apprehension Calm, relaxed Apprehensive, worried
Big Five Factors
Creativity Adaptive, pragmatic, implementation focused Innovative, change oriented, non-conformist
Agreeableness Individualistic, self-reliant, independent Participative, rational, team player
Achievement Accommodating, expedient Quality driven, achieving, conscientious
Extroversion Reserved, socially inhibited, introvert Communicative, outgoing, extrovert
Resilience Apprehensive, worried, anxious Calm, stable, decisive